Little Heroes

Mom and baby lying down

Meet Hugo! Hugo's name means "Strong in mind and spirit" and he sure is!

Little Heroes was inspired by this guy right here...

The Story

Hugo was a NICU baby. It was the hardest 2 months of my life and became a very difficult year thereafter. One of the things that has always been painful was missing the opportunity for newborn pictures. When Hugo came home after 59 days in the hospital, he wasn't a newborn anymore and he also never stopped screaming (milk protein allergy). I hired a photographer, then cancelled several times. We didn't catch our breath until he was about 4 months old after finally realizing my milk was tearing him up.

Until you have a baby in the NICU, you don't realize how many "normal" things you miss out on in those first few months.

Little Heroes is an opportunity for those that missed out on newborn pictures because of a NICU stay to have a photography session with their little hero, at whatever their current age.

The head neonatologist in the NICU at USA Women's and Children's in Alabama would visit Hugo often, and each time he would say, "How's our little hero doing?" I think it's because he couldn't remember all of the babies' names, but I loved it. And not only are these babies heroes, but all the caretakers, including every NICU mother, are heroes too.

NICU baby grown up portrait
NICU baby grown up portrait

If you'd like to schedule a "Little Heroes Session" in Westbrook CT, please fill out the contact form. To read the stories from these Little Heroes check out my JOURNAL.

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