Tangible Heirlooms

As a luxury photographer in CT, I understand the importance of capturing your precious moments and creating lasting memories. But it's not enough to simply store those memories on a digital device. That's why I believe in the power of printed images and have made it a cornerstone of my business. 

With my background in Interior Design, I can help you choose the perfect frames and create stunning artwork that reflects your unique style and personality. I work with only the best artisans, all based in the USA and small business owners, to ensure that your artwork is of the highest quality. And I don't stop there - I'll even help you install your frames on your walls so that your memories can be proudly displayed for all to see. 

Heirloom Albums

Custom Framing

Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need some guidance, I'm here to help you create the perfect artwork that showcases your family and your love. Let's work together to turn your memories into beautiful, tangible pieces of art.


As a Connecticut-based photographer, I take great pride in providing my clients with the highest quality artwork. While I offer printing services to save you time and ensure the best possible results, I also understand the importance of having digital copies of your cherished photos. That's why I offer an all-inclusive digital collection package to my clients, so you can have both physical prints and digital copies to treasure for years to come.

Wall Art

Custom frames

8 ply mat, fine art archival paper, beehive hangers and complimentary installation.


lay-flat or matted

Custom covers, thick pages and blind, silver, gold and rose gold debossing.


Fine art, archival

Update the images in your favorite frames with the highest quality prints.


Why order artwork from you instead of print myself?

I have spent years researching which professional labs to offer my clients. I figured if I was going to provide a product, it should be the absolute best and something unique enough that you cannot find it just anywhere. The products I offer are genuinely bespoke and of the highest archival quality to last several lifetimes.
I also ensure color accuracy. Printing is an artform, much life photography and editing. SImply sending the files to print is not enough. Every image I print for you goes through a process to ensure the paper chosen and editing preferences are considered.

What does "Archival" mean?

Technically the definition is: of a material such as paper) of suitable quality to be used in archives. In terms of your images, if they are printed with me, they will last your lifetime, and maybe even your grandchildren's lifetime without changing color. This means the prints in your frames will look the same in years to come and retain their true intended color.

The albums are gorgeous! But what makes them so special?

Like the prints in your frames, they have been printed by hand with the utmost care and attention to the current color. The pages are fingerprint and moisture-resistant (for the little fingers). The covers are custom engraved and made with luxury, high-quality fabrics. Assembled and customized by hand.

How long will my artwork take to come in?

Because everything is manufactured by hand in the USA, it can take up to 6 weeks to get your bespoke products. Some of my framing options arrive sooner. But trust me - it's worth the wait!

What is the best way to install frames?

One of the best things about being a full-service photographer is I will hand your artwork to you, or arrange a reputable installer to do so. Installation is complimentary with any $2500 framing purchase. If you'd like to DIY, I purposely choose the best quality, but simplest frame hardware to install.

Where can I see all the different options for colors and materials?

I have a full artwork catalog that I will share with you after your session with all of the color and finish options. I also have samples in my studio, you're welcome to come browse anytime. Just contact me through the link below and we'll get started!