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Dance Photography

As a newcomer to Connecticut, I was on the lookout for local churches to attend. Through social media, I stumbled upon a stunning dancer performing to worship music. Being a former dancer myself, I was moved by her performance and reached out to her. She introduced me to the artistic director of Open Sky Arts in Connecticut, and we hit it off immediately.

A few months later, we arranged a photoshoot at the beach with 7-8 dancers. It was my first time photographing dancers, and I was instantly hooked. Despite the challenges of coordinating a large group, dealing with the weather, and ensuring everyone looked their best, we were able to pull it off twice, resulting in magical photos!

If you're looking for a skilled and experienced photographer to capture the beauty and grace of your dance performer, I would love to work with you! Whether you're a classical ballet dancer or specialize in contemporary styles, my goal is to create stunning images that showcase your talent and passion. Contact me today to schedule your session and let us help you capture the essence of your dance style.

The vision:

Capturing movement is essential in dance photography as it allows the viewer to experience the energy and emotion of the performance. A skilled photographer can freeze a moment in time, highlighting the beauty and grace of the dancer's movements. By using techniques such as motion blur or freezing the action, the photographer can create images that are both dynamic and visually stunning. Whether you're a professional dancer or simply love the art of dance, capturing movement in photography is a must.