You've seen the photos out there somewhere and have always been a little curious about it. I think most women have probably thought about it. Have you every thought:

"should I do it?"

"I could never do it."

"Why should I do it?"

But if you're thinking these thoughts, you're thinking about it. And why are you thinking about it?

Maybe somewhere deep down, you wonder if you could. If you would look okay. If you would feel empowered. If you may want to look back and see yourself looking and feeling confident and beautiful.

Here are 3 reasons why I think EVERY woman should try a Boudoir Photo Session:

1.To Archive "You"

You. Simply you. Your uniqueness, your story, your soul. To quote my favorite children's book "For never before...has the world ever known a you my friend and it never will, not every again" -Nancy Tillman

You're legacy is worth documenting.


Women are unique. Our bodies do amazing things, go through amazing and challenging changes and the resilience of who we are is incredible. When you leave a session, you will feel empowered, brave and worthy. No matter how your photographs look (and they'll look GOOD), you will feel like fire.

3.It's actually fun

I swear! It's actually more like a girls' night out then anything - even though I shoot in the AM. I'll play music, you can bring your best friend if that helps, get your makeup done and enjoy yourself. We'll chat first so you can see how darn fun I am to hang out with!

The Process

You booked, now what? First of all, good for you! Now let's chat. We'll arrange a video chat so we can hang out face to face before we meet face to face in real life. I'll send you a questionnaire to break the ice and we'll talk about your answers. I have photographed some of the shyest people I have ever met, but when were done, were friends and want to do the process all over again!

When we meet, you'll start with my makeup artist and either tell her exactly how you'd like your makeup done, or let her work her magic. You will have brought in your favorite outfits or lingerie from your closet, or maybe treated yourself to something brand new. If the "boudoir look" is not really your style, bring in your favorite dress or outfit. I want to photograph you the way you want to be photographed. There are no rules, you can wear a cozy sweater if that's how you feel beautiful.

About 2 weeks after our session I'll email you some proof images and we'll meet again in a video chat. You then purchase the artwork you love. You are not obligated to buy all of the images, I want you to invest in the images that you need to have. Let do this!

Connecticut Glamour Photographer
Connecticut Glamour Photographer