A note from Ashley:

Thank you for checking out my motherhood blog. I love motherhood photography, admittedly I struggled when I first became one as many others do. Now that I have nearly a decade under my belt, I still feel lost in the madness, but I have found purpose and fulfillment in a business that serves other mothers in a way that I wish I could have had when I first started my journey.

Some things I miss and will never forget are The way a newborn baby arches when you take them out of a car seat. That soft sound they make when they swallow. How they lift their eyebrows when they stretch. And finally, that little bump on the bottom of their cupid's bow.

I would do anything for images of this, and that is my goal when you have a newborn session. To capture the details you don't know you'll miss.

I also want to show you how beautiful you are as a mother. I never felt beautiful, but if I could I think it would have given me power. When you have a newborn session with me, we pamper you with hair, makeup, wardrobe, and beautiful lighting to show you how amazing you look.

If you would like more info on booking a session with me, please fill out my contact form and I will give you a call. I look forward to it!