In-home sessions | Connecticut Newborn Photography

I love my studio. I just want to make sure to say that. I am blessed to have such a great space to photograph you babies.

However, there is something so special about a newborn session in the comfort of your own home. If I had to pick between the two, I really couldn't. Any photography session with your new baby is magical, no matter where we are.

Here are some things I LOVE about photographing your new baby in your home. I'm also going to counter each point with how I make sure my studio is just as convenient.

  1. No drive. Enough said right?
  2. Dad can watch TV, do housework, whatever he wants.
  3. You won't forget anything.
  4. If you live in your dream home, you will have amazing pictures to remember it.
  5. If you don't live in your dream home, I bring a "mobile studio". This means I can create a studio=like space in a corner of your home. All I need is a window with some natural light.
  6. Your won't miss out on makeup or the wardrobe. My makeup artist can come to you, and I will bring a few items from my studio wardrobe for you to try on. You will be fully prepared and fully pampered.

Now, if you do decide to do a studio session, here is how I also make it just as comfortable.

  1. I can't really remedy the drive, depending on where you live, you will have to drive some distance to the studio. Some families love to get out of the house after being a bit cooped up.
  2. Dad can have a nap at the studio, go to the car dealerships nearby, shop at the stores nearby or go get a coffee. Or he doesn't need to come until the very end of the session if you are able to drive separately.
  3. Even if you forget something, I am prepared for baby. The only thing I don't have is what baby needs to feed. I also send you a list of everything you'll need, you'll be prepared. But if you forget a few things, I got you!
  4. My studio id beautiful, clean and simple. It has the feel of a home.
  5. The close up images of your baby will be special and beautiful, no matter where I photograph them. In the baby's crib, or a bean bag in my studio.
  6. Hair and makeup is always available or included.

So, it's a tough call, but a decision you don't need to worry about making- because either one is a great one. You will get beautiful images of your sweet new baby, no matter what. Here are some of my favorite in-home newborn session images:

Newborn baby feet
New big sister sitting on a chair with natural window light
Newborn baby in bonnet
Big sister, toddler girl looking out the window.
Newborn baby back rolls
baby finger detail shot
mom holding son in front of window backlit.
Mom looking at newborn baby boy, he's looking back at her.
Mom holding baby boy with 2 older brothers on bed
Newborn baby twins from newborn session in New York City.
Newborn baby hand from in-home newborn session in Essex, CT
Newborn baby boy sleeping
Mom holding newborn baby, making eye contact.
Mom. dad and baby in front of window in a home newborn session.

A note from Ashley:

Hello and thank you so much for checking out my work! I hope you enjoyed the images from my blog about in-home Newborn Sessions!

I have a beautifully simple and bright studio in Westbrook Connecticut, but also travel to my clients’ homes or meet families on location to create beautiful artwork from their images. 

If you would like to see more of my work, please browse the Gallery of Work tab and make sure to mention your favorites.

As a mom of three boys, I know that these moments are fleeting. Photography is the only way to capture these moments in time and that’s my ultimate goal with my clients. The portraits of my children are priceless. 

If you would like more information about a session, please fill out the contact form on my website and I will personally email or text you back within two business days. My studio is a short drive for anyone living in Hartford, Middlesex, New London, or New Haven Counties. I also travel throughout the state of Connecticut and Rhode Island.