When should you book sessions?

The truth is, you can and should book a photography session anytime. There is no such thing as "too late" for a newborn session and there's not such thing as a "bad time".

However when it comes to baby's first year, there are some milestones that are worth documenting, here are some ideas to give you a better vision of what your year could look like:

  1. Maternity - you will want to remember this time and how you looked. I regret not documenting each pregnancy because I think my boys would love to have seen theses images.
  2. Newborn - I love to photograph babies within 2 weeks of birth, but this isn't always possible. I had a NICU baby, so I get it! I say a newborn session is anytime from birth, until they know how to sit.
  3. 6 month sitter - All babies will hit milestones at different times. Generally babies will sit around 6 months, even if you have a late sitter, wait until baby is sitting for this session. It's probably my favorite milestone to photograph. And if baby isn't sitting yet, don't worry, my kiddo didn't sit until 8 months and now that he's 4 I can't keep up with him!
  4. 1 year walker - Again, babies will hit these milestone at all different times. I love for baby to be walking for this session. He or she may even be close to 18 months or more and that's totally okay!

Don't get too hung up on the months, let's just document those actually milestones and memories that are worth photographing!


I photograph my children every season. Well, I take pics of them every day almost but every season I get my camera out and take photos of them just like they were a client at a session. At the end of the year I make an album. I cannot express how much my kids LOVE looking at their albums! I am so glad I started this tradition (albeit a late start). I started this in 2020 when my kiddos were 3,5,7 - so it's NEVER TOO LATE! Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall/holiday are the seasons I make a point to document. You will love starting this tradition with your family!

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