Should you do an in-home or studio newborn session?

You're expecting. Yay! If it isn't your first pregnancy, then chances are you don't have much time to think about your photography session. I know it was a bit of an after-thought for me when I kept having baby after baby. When you find a great newborn photographer that has availability, you have to ask yourself - Should we just take the photos in our house or in a studio?

From my experience, most moms go for the studio option. Here are the pros: you don't need to feel self-conscious about the state of your home. No matter how clean and tidy you are by nature, we all know what happens when baby gets home from the hospital. I don't know a person on earth that would judge you for having an unkept house after coming home with a new baby, but this is about YOUR comfort. If getting a few hours out of the house sounds like a great idea, then make sure to search for a newborn photographer that has a studio option.

Studios also give the photographer an advantage because they are used to the exact light and create the ideal setting for a great session. There are no surprises, so they can deliver a quality experience that is similar to what you see on their website.

The downsides to the studio option? It takes some prep too. You know leaving the house with a newborn is a p...r...o...c...e...s...s. If you're set on a studio session, try to find a "full-service photographer". That means he or she will have everything you need for your session upon arrival. Hair and makeup for mom, blankets and accessories for baby, and even a client wardrobe. This makes the decision a no-brainer!

So why do an in-home session? Maybe your home means a lot to you and is something you would like to document. If you have other children, this is a FANTASTIC option, because the other kiddos stay busy and happy playing with their own toys, (and maybe even supervised by dad) while the photographer gets the best images of baby, then at the very end, bring the siblings in for just a few minutes, and boom - You have the perfect capsule of memories!

It all comes down to the selection of photographer. Find someone who will design the experience with you, not just the logistics.

In the new "Covid world", many new moms feel better about having the photographer come to them instead of venturing out. Trust me when I tell you, you can have an incredible, studio-like experience in the comfort of your home!

This is my most recent in-home newborn session in Madison, CT. It was so fun, and stress-free for everyone!

Mom snuggles newborn
Newborn, siblings and mom
baby yawn
Newborn baby swaddle