When to find a newborn photographer and book your baby's session

You just found out you are expecting! Yay! This is the most exciting (and maybe a little scary) time of your life! Will the baby be a boy or girl? Will he or she look like me? Will he or she inherit the weird thing I always hoped would skip the next generation? Haha, we’ve all thought it!

What should you register for? Names? Oh, there’s just so much to think about! Most new parents don’t think too much about booking a photographer right away because they are just lost in the dream of what’s to come. Then all of a sudden, there’s a bump, the first public visual proof that there’s a beautiful growing baby in there. I hate to say it, but at this time, you must jump on the phone and call your dream photographer. Yes, some photographers leave openings for baby’s who are already here and mom and dad didn’t think of booking the session earlier, and that’s amazing! But I encourage you to book your photographer at the earliest possible thought.

Here are some reasons to book your baby photographer early:

  1. You may want a maternity session. Most photographers have packages for maternity and newborn sessions. I offer 3 and 4 session memberships or you can do a simplicity session for maternity, and my signature session for your newborn baby. You will never regret documenting that growing bump!
  2. You’ll have time to design the session of your dreams. Most newborn photographers have a set system, but I love to customize the experience for my clients. For example, for a recent session I included family images in a garden that was very special to the family. Adding on extra custom touches will make your images extra special. 
  3. Your dream photographer might be booked. I hate that this happens, but it does. I hate having to turn away new parents, and try my best to never have to. But I like to serve my clients at a very high level. If I took on too many each month, you would not receive the same amount of care and detail. 

So when should I book?

As soon as you find out you’re pregnant, get on my calendar! Then the rest is easy!

If you’re booking a maternity session, the perfect timing is between 28-32 weeks along. 

Then I will put you in my calendar on baby’s due date. I know, he or she will come when she is ready, but this way I have secured a spot around a general time and will guarantee availability for you. As soon as baby arrives, I recommend coming into the studio or booking your in-home session 1-2 weeks after birth. And that’s it! I have it all figured out for you. No guessing, no squeezing in to an over-packed schedule. Just contact me, and enjoy the next 9 months!

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Newborn twins looking at the camera in blankets

Newborn Session

Newborn baby feet in blanket

Baby feet!

Mom, dad and baby standing by a window

An In-home session in Essex, CT

Mom and baby lying together

That baby smell!

Mom and baby boy standing by the window

Always remember how he looked at you.

Sleeping baby in a swaddle

Look at all that hair!