A newborn baby, in Essex CT

Funny story, when I asked this beautiful momma if her baby liked white noise she said "He would probably prefer Grey's Anatomy." And so, we put on Grey's Anatomy.

When my son was a baby, he loved Fraser, in particular the theme song. He was a fussy baby, but for some reason was happy when Fraser or football was on.

These stories sound so silly, but I encourage all parent's to write these sweet memories down somewhere or create a baby journal because there will be so many quirky, unique and funny moments ahead!

Mom and baby by the window
Mom and baby looking at each other
Newborn baby eyelashes
Newborn baby swaddled
Baby hands
Baby in basket image
Newborn baby in white swaddle blanket
Detail image of baby's ear
Baby yawning in basket
Mom, dad and baby in front of window
Dad holding newborn son