A hidden gem - the in-home newborn session!

Some mommas have a vision of a beautiful and peaceful portrait studio experience when they have a baby, and this is absolutely an incredible option that produces amazing images!

From a place of service-driven inspiration, I can't stop thinking about how much more convenient it would be to have the photographer come to YOU after you have just given birth. As a creative, I am not only always looking for ways to make beautiful art, but I have to use that creativity to make my clients' lives easier and their photography experience seamless.

When I think of an in-home session, a few images come to mind. The perfect Pinterest-ready home with bright natural light and a gorgeous interior design aesthetic worthy of publishing in a magazine. White walls, a perfect, stain-free sofa, mom in a beautiful dress, and dad in ironed khakis. This is a beautiful image that intimidates most new parents because it's not reality. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE those images! But not every family I work with can make that happen - and I get it! After feeling this social-media-induced defeat, some new mommas will run to a photographer that has a studio, and for good reason. Let me just say; I have a studio in Westbrook, I love it and it's absolutely available to every client. But I don't want my clients to dismiss the idea of an in-home studio set-up so quickly, because there are SO MANY BENEFITS and none of them include having your house perfectly designed or even clean for that matter. Here are some points to consider:

  1. You don't need to pack up and drive anywhere. Typically newborn sessions occur within 2 weeks of birth. Getting that sweet new baby (and siblings and husband) in the car is not easy! I remember when I have my first baby and the first outing after his birth was to the lawyer's office because we just bought our first house - SO. MANY. FIRSTS! When we got there, I realized I hadn't bucked my new baby into his car seat properly. When you're a new mom or have multiple kiddos but a new baby, it's a struggle to leave the comfort of your home. Consider how nice it would be for me to come to you.
  2. Momma - you probably can't drive yet. Most moms need a few weeks to recover right after birth, and may not be able to drive. That means dad will drive you to the studio, which is amazing and they are certainly welcome here, but he will be more comfortable and happier at home. When you arrive at my studio, you will choose your dress, get your hair and makeup done, then we'll start with photos of you and baby, then bring in dad a little later. The process is quick and easy, but if dad can chill in his own home, with his own TV, or watch the other kids, everyone is happy.
  3. You won't forget anything. All of the baby's comforts; formula, binkies, blankets, etc, are all at home.
  4. The makeup artist comes to you! That's right- your hair and makeup artist will meet you where you are. Roll outta bed and answer the door and she'll make you look stunning!
  5. I'll bring the dresses! Most of my new moms choose to take advantage of my studio wardrobe, or I help you style something incredible. You don't sacrifice this service just because you are doing an in-home session.
  6. Your other kiddos won't get bored. 'Nuf said.
  7. It's 2022 - gas- 'Nuf said.

So there you have it, a studio session is stunning and I understand why so many want one. I love my studio, I love offering my clients the option of both. I encourage all my clients to really consider both options as some may dismiss the in-home option too easily.

How do I do it?

It's actually very simple. It takes me about 5 mins to set up and everything fits in my Honda Pilot. I promise you, my style will look just like you came to the studio if that's what you like. If you have an incredible nursery, we'll shoot in there too. If you don't, all I need is a window, that's it! I bring a fold-up, movable white and black backdrop, a beanbag for baby posing, a blanket, and a sheer curtain. That's all I need and you won't believe how easy the process is and how beautiful the result is.

Here's a video of the setup and below are images all shot within my client's homes.

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