Your Family or Newborn Session.

I'm just gonna say it - It happens to everyone and it is a big deal!!!

Choosing the wrong outfits will ruin your session, plain and simple. I am so sorry to say it, but there is not much a photographer can do if you choose the wrong colors, bold patterns, bad logos, etc. I don't usually do this, but I'm gonna be a bit negative for a paragraph or two, then spin it back to my usual positive self. I promise!

Here is what to AVOID:

  • Logos, even little ones. They are distracting and take away from your faces and the emotion of an image. Even a little horse or a whale. You're better off wearing a no name brand from Target or Kohls.
  • Stripes. Very seldom do stripes work. If they are light and little contrast, you might get away with it, but I always err on the side of skipping the stripes.
  • Big, bold patterns. Florals may be the exception if all of the colors are similar in tone, low contrast. No dots or other large patterns.
  • Coordinate, don't match. This is tough for a lot of people. When you see a family who is dressed really well in their family photos you automatically think it's because they match. Look a little closer, they don't They just picked colors that harmonize together. The easiest way to do this is just stick with neutrals. You can't go wrong this way, all neutrals go together, hence the name.
  • Men, I'm not a huge fan of polos. Some are okay, but dark colors look like bug box store work uniforms. A nice button down, linen or henley shirt is much better. When in doubt, a plain white tee works as well.
  • Go easy on white, even tho we all, myself included, love it. Do not put everyone in white. It's outdated and also can look very stark. If you like the simplicity of whites, choose ivory, cream or beige colors. A little white is absolutely okay, just not on everyone.
  • As for makeup, no dark pink or red lips. It doesn't work for photography and here's why. When you're shooting outside, many times a camera will pick up a lot of blue tones. Even if it isn't a blue, dreary day. As a photographer in the editing phase I have to tone down those blues and warm up the skin so that each person looks glowy and warm instead of gray. When we do that, reds and pinks can be effected negatively sometimes. If your lipstick is light in tone, or just slightly darker then your natural lips, this is no big deal. But when you put a bold color on it can change everything drastically and you may not be happy with the end result. Keep things light, simple and neutral.

But here's the GOOD NEWS: I'm here to guide you though all of this! I will help you choose what everyone will wear! Even if you have your heart set on color and vibrancies, I can help you do it in a way that you will be so happy with. I have photographed all kinds of colorful families and although me heart always wants to opt for something very simple and light, this about you and how you want to be photographed.

Dad throwing baby up
Girl and hydrangeas
Dad and daughter snuggle on beach
Mom and daughter on the beach
Couple on the beach in Old Saybrook
Extended family daughters on the beach
Portrait of four year old girl
five year old girl on the beach in Connecticut
Family in the park
Mother and daughter in the studio
4 year old girl in the studio portrait