How to achieve "Light and Airy" photos in CT

It's opinion time! And here's mine: I like light and airy photography. Here's why:

  1. It's classic and timeless. It will never go out of style if it's done correctly. (More on how to do it correctly below)
  2. It will go with any home decor, so print those photos!
  3. It's flattering. Shadows add depth and dimension, but the light makes you look good!
  4. Minimalism is cool.
  5. And finally, it's just pretty. It's ethereal and heavenly. IMO

How do you achieve a light and airy look?

Here's where it gets tricky and I'm going to put on my dork photography persona and explain this so you know what to look for when you're shopping with a photographer. It's important to understand that simply brightening your images does not achieve a professional light and airy look. Try it on your phone, it doesn't look professional. Here are the keys to achieving the look, and you probably didn't even realize they mattered (but a good photographer does):

  1. The final edited image isn't too manipulated, the photographer got it right in the camera and just lifted it slightly. He or she also looked for the light and positioned you in a way that would let a lot of beautiful light into the lens. Then the shadows are lifted and maybe in the contrast in post-processing, that's it. No over-exposing.
  2. The background is actually light. This is a huge one. My studio is all white. No matter how deep I bring down the shadows in editing, it will still look light and airy because the colors in the shot are light and airy.
  3. Wardrobe. You simply cannot achieve a light and airy look without wearing light and airy colors. Sometimes if the background is very simple and light it can have an airy look with dark-colored clothes. Think of the groom's suit at a wedding, it can still be a part of a light and airy look, but only if the surrounding area is light.

Where can I find a light and airy photographer in Connecticut?

Right here love.

Couple standing on the beach.
Couple holding newborn baby.
Pregnant mom holding baby.
Kids with their heads together.
Dancer with a scarf.
Baby on the painted backdrop.
Mom during gender reveal with pink confetti on the floor.
Newborn baby in white blanket.
Pregnant mom in light blue dress.
Young girl sitting on bench in all white.
Boy's first birthday.