Photo products for newborn photography clients
The studio wardrobe, client closet, a selection of dresses for clients to wear.
Mother getting her hair and makeup done while she holds her newborn.

Full-service newborn photography in New Haven, CT

I am thrilled to announce that Ashley Nielsen Studio is official, open for newborn sessions in 2023! After a soft opening in 2022, ANS is ready to welcome a steady influx of new babies! The best part about an experience with ANS is Ashley is a full-service photographer. What that means is Ashley offers everything from designing your sessions conceptually, right through to hanging your artwork on the walls. Here's everything you need to know about booking your newborn session with Ashley, straight from Ashley:

  1. First of all, thanks for visiting my website! I hope you love what you see because I can not begin to express how much love, passion, and work has gone into creating this for my current and future clients. When you first reach out to me, we'll schedule a time to jump on a phone call. Yes, an actual phone call! I don't know about you, but I find a phone call a huge time saver! I also love to actually speak to my clients and ask them about their dream sessions. It won't take long, just a quick chat of 15 mins or so. It helps me understand what you're looking for and also answer all of your questions.
  2. We'll book a date. Even if you just found out you're expecting, we can still book a date! I take on very few newborn sessions per month so that I can ensure my availability for my newborn babies. I typically book a tentative date 10 days after your expected due date. This is usually a great time frame to work in. Even if your baby comes early, or late, contact me within two or three days of his or her arrival and we'll pick the exact date to photograph you and your little one.
  3. I'll schedule hair and makeup for the date we selected. Sometime before your due date, I welcome you to meet me at the studio and see my client closet, check out my artwork samples, and really start envisioning how you will enjoy your portraits. This is called a "Session planning appointment". It's optional, but a great option to make sure we are all on the same page and make you feel prepared for your session.
  4. We'll meet for your session. I will send you some info by email and even snail mail with some pointers on how you can make the day run smoothly. But truthfully, most of the work will be done by myself and my team. Don't worry about a thing! Your session will last anywhere from 2-3 hours. This allows plenty of time for breaks and feeding.
  5. About 2 weeks after your session you will view your proof images. You are welcome to come back to the studio, or we can meet on a zoom call. You will choose the images you want to display and purchase any artwork and image files. Image files will be delivered within the day to your inbox, artwork will be delivered 4-6 weeks after your ordering appointment. Birth announcements are delivered right to your door within a week!
  6. The Collective Membership is a great option to consider! If you have enjoyed your experience with us (and we hope you have!), we would love to have you back to photograph how that baby is growing! Most parents choose to add a 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month session. It makes a great baby book after the big first birthday! Reach out to learn more about the membership!

And that's pretty much it! Every single detail is figured out for you, ensuring you have a stress-free, easy newborn session. I also offer in-home options. All of the same services are included with a few tweaks to make sure it is just as successful! Reach out for a consult to ensure availability!

Baby feet in gray blanket
Mom kissing baby daughter at photograph studio.
Baby boy wrapped in white swaddle
Newborn baby girl in moses basket
Mom in blue floral dress holds new baby son
mom, dad and newborn standing in front of window.
Baby feet in blanket.
Black and white lifestyle portrait of baby yawning.
Dad holding newborn fussy daughter.
Black and white image of baby's feet.
Mom making eye contact with newborn baby girl.
Detail shot of newborn baby's hand and ear.
Dad holds new baby son in front of studio window.
Mom breastfeeds new son at the studio.
Detail image of baby's hands and fingers.