This time, this season, it's been challenging.

Here we are, 2022 and it seems like we keep hoping for a brighter tomorrow. We still and must always have hope, but momma, we can't ignore what we feel. It's a rollercoaster of emotions piled on top of the already daunting job of motherhood.

I'll be honest, I have thought about photographing other genres because they seemed easier. I could photograph real estate, nature, landscapes, or business. But I kept coming back to motherhood. I think it's not only because I am a mother, but because I am in the battle with you.

One thing that gives me hope and life is that we all have one thing in common - love. And we all feel the need to savor our time as fleeting as it is, even when we are drowning and overwhelmed. We feel so many emotions so strongly and some of them a good, some aren't. Over and over I hear - it's going so fast, keep them little. In the same breath we talk about being exhausted and frustrated with the world around us, worried about what kind of world out children will be left with when they are adults.

But we still want to freeze time. Ultimately, we all want to cherish the moments that pass too quickly.

As much as I have loved designing my full-service sessions and think they are the best option for most people, I also understand that a full session is not for every mom. Some mommas may just want a simple, quick session to remember this moment for no reason at all. It's no one's birthday, no particular milestone, but you may just want to remember her sweet little face. For this reason, I am offering Petite Sessions every Tuesday at my Studio in Westbrook, and the option for pop-up events across Connecticut with studios in Hartford and New Haven.

The structure would be the same, but it will be 20 minutes of taking images for a reduced rate. It's the perfect option for when a full session just isn't needed.

I will also be hosting pop-up motherhood events across the state of Connecticut so playgroups, mom friends and extended families can book a morning of memories together, For more info reach out, now booking Spring 2022.