Cherry Blossom Season in New Haven, Connecticut

Okay, I know. It's January 31st. But since February begins tomorrow, is it fair to say we can start preparing for Spring 2022?

All I can think about is Spring. It's my favorite season, not for my sinuses, but for my heart and camera.

Last year, I was lucky enough to photograph this beautiful family in Wooster Square for the Historic Cherry Blossom Festival in Wooster Square

It was stunning!

I can't wait to go back for 2022. There were people everywhere. Just sitting, admiring, taking photos, playing with their children, it was awesome!

And my children love winter, but something about this specific time of year is so magical. New life, new blooms, color, vibrancy, it was just so special.

Our family LOVES to visit New Haven. We love to walk the historic buildings on the Yale Campus, get a donut at Donut Crazy, or just stop somewhere for lunch. And in the spring you can eat outside!

Don't miss your chance to document a moment in time, like the cherry blossoms! They are only here for such a short time! I am already planning some Petite Family Photography Sessions to take advantage of this amazing backdrop. Coming soon, Spring 2022!

Cherry Blossom Family Session
Cherry Blossom Family Session
Cherry Blossom Family Session