Let us take care of everything!

What is a full-service photographer? And why?

A full-service photographer or luxury photographer is an artist who will build a custom experience with you from start to finish, with no aspect left undone. Here's what that looks like:

First, we will get on an optional consultation call. This is an opportunity to ask all questions and explain your dream session to me. I understand that most photographers may text or email session information, but I prefer to have a quick conversation to get to know exactly who you are and what you're looking for. I will then email you a breakdown of the session information including pricing or a custom quote.

Second, I'll send you booking links and we'll book some tentative dates. If you want to come to check out the studio and try on dresses from the studio wardrobe, we'll book a planning appointment. If you are expecting, we will book a tentative session date. Your baby will arrive when he or she is ready so for this reason I only schedule a few newborn sessions each month. Once you have your baby, we'll schedule your session within 2 weeks of delivery.

Third, we'll meet for your session at the decided-upon time and location. I will have a hair and makeup artist ready at the studio for you or send it to your home before we meet.

And finally, after your images are ready we will meet in the studio or on a zoom call for your design and ordering appointment. This is where we will design your albums and wall art.

So why? Why not just meet on the day of your session and hand over the digital files when they are ready? This seems so much easier, right?

As the photographer, yes this would be easier for me. But I truly feel as though this is a disservice to you as my client, and also leaves my work longing for display.

I remember having my first baby. I had booked a photographer for a week or so after delivery in her in-home studio. The studio was very cute but cold. I was freezing, how did my baby feel? I also panicked the morning of my session because I had nothing to wear! I didn't fit in my regular clothes yet, but the maternity stuff was falling off of me. So I put on a grey t-shirt and some stretchy pants. I also had to get my hair and makeup done. I was sore from my c-section and my hair was in need of a trim and highlight, so I had no idea how to make it look good. The morning was stressful.

Then she delivered a CD with all of my images. Despite the less-the-ideal experience, I loved the pictures and couldn't wait to print them. But I didn't. I was busy, and tired and as a military wife, I knew we were moving in the next year or so, so I had no idea what frame would go well in a variety of homes.

It was not a complete experience. I compare it to going to Home Depot, buying all the things I need to update my bathroom, then leaving all the things I bought in the garage. Compare that to hiring a licensed contractor who will finish your project to your specific liking.

Our Signature Sessions include it ALL! A studio wardrobe with dozens of bum/post-pardam friendly looks. Baby blankets and simple backdrops. A glam team to make you look and feel amazing. And I, am a trained interior designer excited to help you design tangible artwork for your home.

Baby frame
Gallery wall arrangement with maternity and newborn images
Newborn baby looking at heirloom album with mother.
Mom and daughter looking at heirloom album together
Pregnant mother getting her hair done at the studio.
Mom of newborn baby getting her makeup done while holding her baby.
Mom getting her hair and makeup done while holding her baby.
Looking at the gallery wall design while at a studio ordering appointment.
Heirloom baby Albums
Heirloom newborn photography products.
Mom looking at Heirloom album with baby girl.